Car News 3 Feb 2017

The 1,150bhp Zenvo TS1 GT

To celebrate the Danish supercar marques 10th anniversary they have announced the unveiling of a special new model at the Geneva Motor Show.

The anniversary model has already been tested in Lapland and promise to be something special. Zenvo released the ST1 in 2009, which made its debut at the Le Mans Supercar Parade. The new model will be significantly improved and redesigned.

The new TD1 GT will be hand-built and the body is composed of carbon fibre. The engine block is supplied by a US racing supplier and runs on Zenvo’s in-house built twin-supercharged 5.8-litre V8 engine. The car produces over 1,150bhp and has a top speed of 250mph. The TD1 will be fitted with an instant shift manual transmission.

Zenvo’s new supercar already has a high level of interest and will be priced around the £1 million mark. There will announce more specifics at the Geneva debut, as well as a new network of dealerships in the UK.

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