Car News 24 Feb 2016

1966 Shelby Cobra “Super Snake” Sells for £3.3 Million

1966 Shelby Cobra “Super Snake” Sells at Auction for £3.3 Million.

One of only two ever made the Shelby Cobra Super Snake CSX 3015 has sold at Auction. The model is a full Competition Roadster, still retaining its original body with its 1967 aluminium ‘Super Snake’ hood and, impressively, it still has its original 1965 date coded engine block, 5M17, December 17, 1965. 

The other Shelby Cobra Super Snake had a colourful history bought by its second owner Tony Maxey who  tragically lost control of the car accidentally driving it off a cliff and into the Pacific Ocean.

The CSX 3015 started out life as a 1965 competition Cobra. It was subsequently shipped to the UK for Demo runs and eventually converted into a Super Snake and reclassified as a Semi Competition.

The model that was sold at auction belonged to Carroll Shelby himself. It features a twin supercharged V8 engine with around 800bhp, rear wheel drive and a 3 gear automatic gearbox. The price of sale at  auction was  a staggering $5.5 million or £3.3 million.

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