Car News 14 Mar 2017

Introducing the 200mph Vanda Dendrobium

Singapore-based Vanda Electrics has launched its first all-electric hypercar at the Geneva Motor Show.

The Dendrobium was developed and engineered in conjunction with the British brand, Williams Advanced Engineering (WAE). The Dendrobium will be the first in a range of electric road cars from Vanda. The Geneva Motor Show has been used as a platform to see if the hypercar gets enough interest to justify production.

Vanda Electrics began the design in 1996 and they specialize in research, design and innovation of battery technology. The design and name is inspired by Singapore’s orchid and features electrically opening doors and roof that open like petals. The two-seater is capable of 0-60mph in 2.7 seconds and has an impressive top speed of 200mph.

The car has racing influences and advanced technology. There will be four-wheel drive and double wishbone suspension at the front and rear. Battery and motor details are yet to be released. Vanda and WAE have focused on lightweight components and aerodynamics. The final production car should weigh in at less than 1750kg.

If enough interest is voiced, the Dendrobium will go to production in est. two years. Vanda will encourage exclusivity, with high pricing and very limited production.

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