The UK went into meltdown this week when a light covering of snow caused travel chaos across the country. With the Met Office forecasting more snow, it’s best to get prepared!  Here’s our list of the best cars to drive in snow.

Range Rover Sport

We’ll start with the obvious. When you think of mastering any terrain, Range Rover should be in the forefront of your mind. The Range Rover is perfect for taking on country roads piled with snow. You’ll also be incredibly comfy in the process, as this luxury 4×4 comes with heated seats, climate control and all the mod-cons you could imagine to keep you entertained.




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 Ferrari GTC4Lusso

You might not expect to see a Ferrari in the snow, but the GTC4Lusso is more than capable. This Ferrari comes with the unique 4RM all-wheel drive system designed by the Italian Manufacturer. Even with the power V12 engine you’ll be in total control when taking on the snow.

Image: Evo

Jaguar F-Pace

The F-Pace may appear to be a luxury SUV with no off-road pedigree; however, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Jaguar put the F-Pace through extreme testing, taking it to far north of Sweden where temperatures can drop to -40C. This luxury SUV comes with an adaptive surface response system that will automatically adjust power between the four wheels, so you’ll benefit from maximum grip even when driving on snow and ice.

Image: Auto-Types

McLaren 570S

Whilst not at the top of the list of cars we’d recommend driving in the snow, McLaren do offer a set of winter tires with the 570S, so why not?  You might find it’s not the easiest car to plough through the white stuff but we’re confident you’d have a lot of fun giving it a try.

Image: SXD RV

Porsche 911

Well known for their ability to perform in the snow, the Porsche 911 is the perfect sports car to keep you going through the winter. Having the engine behind the rear axle and all-wheel drive means you’ll always feel glued to the road, no matter what the UK weather throws at you.

Image: Autocar

If you’re looking for a car that can handle the snow, give our dedicated Account Managers a call on 0800 012 6666 for expert information.

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February is the month of Love and there’s been plenty going on in the car industry to get your heart pumping. From details being released on Czingers first 3D printed hypercar, to Land Rover releasing an incredible promotional video for the new Defender. Here’s the last news roundup of February 2020:

Gemballa is back…

Following the sad passing of supercar tuner Uwe Gemballa in 2010, many thought that would be end of the Gemballa family being associated with powerful cars. However, Gemballa’s 27 year old son Marc has designed his own off-road sports car. The car will be launched to coincide with the 2020 Geneva motor show next month.

Image: TopGear

The Aston Martin DBX gets the Q Treatment

Aston Martin’s Q division got their hands on the DBX and the results are incredible. The images released so far, give the DBX a darker look, with carbon fibre finishes throughout the luxury SUV. The Q division is well known for helping Aston Martin’s customers personalise their car. Following the new DBX being showcased at the Geneva motor show, you’ll also be able to start working on your very own bespoke DBX.

Image: Motor1

Alonso returns to McLaren…after one month

The two-time Formula 1 World Champion ended his partnership with McLaren in January this year. So, when news broke in February that he’ll be racing for the team in this year’s Indy 500, many fans were left confused. Rumours suggest that Alonso was looking to race for Andretti, however it appears the two sides couldn’t agree terms. Alonso’s entry into the Indy 500 will mark his third attempt to claim the motorsports triple crown.

Image: Motor Sport Magazine

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Car industry news to catch up on this week

Here’s The Latest From The Car Industry This Week

Here at Oracle Finance, we know that 97% of our customers* would recommend us to friends or family, and that’s largely because of the excellent service provided by our dedicated Account Managers.  So this week, we start out ‘Meet the Team’ articles to give you a little bit more insight into the voices on the end of the phone!

We’re kicking things off with one of our Senior Account Managers, Oliver Clarkson, who’s answered a few questions to give you a little insight into his world.


Oliver Clarkson

How long have you been part of the Oracle Finance Team?

Almost 10 years.

What has been your favourite agreement to work on so far?

An Aston Martin DB4 – beauty personified in over half a million pounds worth of classic British sports car.  To help a customer buy a car of that value and provenance is extremely rewarding.

What is your favourite thing about being an account manager?

The speed at which I’m often required to work; I can receive an initial call on a Monday morning (or Wednesday afternoon) from a customer who’s just found their dream car and by the weekend, they will be driving it.

What is your favourite car and why?

Mercedes-Benz SLS Roadster – convertible perfection

Do you have a go-to trick for productivity?

Make a list. And if you’re not sure where to start, start at the top!

Are you an early bird or a night owl?

Night owl – the early bird catches the worm but the early worm gets eaten!

You can contact Oliver, or any of our dedicated Account Managers on 0800 0126666 or get in touch here.


We are a credit broker not a lender. Oracle Asset Finance Ltd is authorised & regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (Financial Services Register No. 662576) for the sale of consumer credit. For more information, please visit

It’s been a busy week for car news. From anticipation building for the new season of Formula 1 with testing underway at Catalunya, to the hypercar market picking up.

Here are the top stories you need to know about.

Aston Martin Pull Out Of Le Mans

Unfortunately, we’re starting with the disappointing news that Aston Martin has delayed plans to enter the World Endurance Championship. The news means the British manufacturers Valkyrie hypercar will not compete in 24 hours of Le Mans in 2020. Aston withdrew following the decision to allow IMSA prototypes entry into the new top-tier hypercar class. President and Group CEO of Aston Martin Andy Palmer has reassured fans that Aston’s “ambition to compete for the overall victory in the 24 Hours of Le Mans remains undiminished”.


Details on the Czinger 21C hypercar have been released

LA based Czinger have released full details of their highly anticipated 21C hypercar. The 21C is expected to cause shockwaves throughout the industry. Large sections of the 21C’s chassis are made from a 3D printer.  Only 80 models of this spectacular hypercar are being produced and are expected to come with an eye-watering price tag of $1.7m. The 21C will make its public debut at the Geneva motor show next month.

The feel-good story of 2020… so far

Canadian Businessman Bill MacEachern has racked up an impressive 779,900 miles (and counting) in his 1976 Porsche 911. Bill took delivery of his brand new 911 in May of 1976 and has loved driving it across North America since. A motoring enthusiast at heart, Bill and his family have enjoyed every minute behind the wheel. There have been a few bumps and scrapes along the way, but Bill’s 911 has overcome them all and is still going strong. The Canadian says he couldn’t image himself with any other vehicle and is looking forward to many more years with his beloved Porsche.


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Car industry news to catch up on this week

It’s here! The third and final part of our best places to drive in the UK series. Our last stop is England and you’ll notice a lot of our recommendations are based in the North, where Oracle HQ is located. You shouldn’t be surprised that we surround ourselves with some of the best driving routes in the UK!

 A684 through the Dales

Joining the A684 at the village of Wensley, you’ll immediately cross the River Ure with views of rolling Yorkshire countryside. You’ll stay on the A684 for the entire 34.1 mile trip. Business Controller, Ingrid, suggests the road is ideal for putting any sports car through its paces with winding roads and open straights. During the journey you’ll pass through quaint Yorkshire villages, where there are plenty of spots to pull over for a photo, we’d recommend Aysgarth Falls. During the final part of the trip the landscape becomes more severe as you approach the Lake District.


Lake District

Account Manager David takes over where Ingrid left us in the Lake District! The national park spans 2,362 square kilometres and offers a driving experience for everyone – whether it’s taking a leisurely drive around Lake Windermere or climbing mountainous roads around Scarfell Pike. David warns that in the Winter months a 4×4 is essential and thinks the new Land Rover Defender would be perfect to handle all the different terrains the Lakes has to offer.


Snake Pass

Get your crash helmet at the ready! Hayley, from our Business Control team, takes us for a roller coaster ride down Snake Pass in the Peak District. Voted as one of the most dangerous roads in the UK, Snake Pass is well known for serpentine twists and blind bends. Having a car with great handing is a must when taking on the 11.6 mile route. You’ll also have to keep your concentration – a small mistake can be costly…


A169 from Pickering to Whitby

“Straight and fast” Senior Account Manager Mark sums this journey up perfectly. The route will take approximately 30 minutes to complete and is great fun is any high-performance vehicle. You’ll power through the North York Moors with breath-taking views surrounding you. As you pull off the A169 and head towards Whitby, the North Sea fills your windscreen.


A39 from Minehead to Lynton

Account Manager Lucas takes us down South for this impressive route. Ideal for hopping in a classic car and going for a relaxed Sunday drive. You’ll pick up the A39 just outside Minehead and enjoy driving down the road for 17.8 miles surrounded by beautiful open countryside. Before you know it you’ll end on up on the beach at Lynton, where there’s plenty of pubs offering a delicious Sunday roast.


Have you got a favourite road to drive in the UK? Get in touch on our LinkedIn or Facebook page and let us know!

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What happened to F1 car launches?

It’s that time of the week again! It’s been an exciting week in the car industry, and we’re bringing you the very best of the news to catch up on…

“Lamborghini’s track-only hypercar fires up for the first time”

If this video doesn’t fill you with excitement, we don’t know what will… Watch as Lamborghini Squadra Corse’s new track-only hypercar fires up for the first time in the Sant’Agata Bolognese factory this week. The new hypercar features a large rear wing, airscoop on the roof and a racing hood with dual air intakes. It’s said to have been designed “adopting the highest safety standards” as well as an “innovative self-locking type differential that provides better driveability on the circuit”. Watch and see for yourself!

“Modern-day 914 on the way, hints Porsche”

Porsche aficionados form an orderly queue! AutoCar recently reported that the German automaker has hinted that a “modern-day” Porsche 914 is on its way. The marque has “talked openly about the possibility” which has sparked rumours that Porsche may be “actively preparing the way for the launch of a new back-to-basics model aimed squarely at enthusiast drivers”. Could you see yourself in the driver’s seat?

news to catch up on

“Meet the 840bhp, €2m Glickenhaus 007 racer”

Could this be the first American car to win Le Mans in 53 years? The 840bhp, €2m Glickenhaus 007 racer is said to be “a future competitor for the upcoming hypercar class in the World Endurance Championship and of course, its headline race: the Le Mans 24 Hours”. Top Gear explained that “007’s taken a few varied forms over the years, but none have been this fast”. Does it have what it takes to win Le Mans?

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Our top three need-to-know stories on our radar this week

January News Roundup: What You Might Have Missed

Our Favourite News Updates of the Week

The road to the Formula 1 2020 season began this week with Ferrari, Red Bull, Renault and McLaren unveiling their 2020 title challengers. The rest of the teams will have their car launches over the coming days. So far, it’s been a little lacklustre, all the liveries look the same as last year and the excitement isn’t as palpable as we’ve seen in previous years.

What should car launches be like?

A Formula 1 car launch should be a spectacle that sets the tone for the year. Take a look back at the 90’s and early 2000’s where car launches were at their peak. We had unpredictability, drama and entertainment!

Think back to when the Spice Girls and Jamiroquai unveiled the 1997 McLaren, in an unexpected music concert.

Or when Honda shocked the world unveiling their sponsor free ‘earth car’.

These launches used to pull in an audience. Teams would head to big international cities such as Moscow and Valencia to race their new cars around the tight streets, with the roar of the engine deafening residents.

Car Launches

Where has the excitement gone?

Formula 1 has become very corporate and so too have the car launches. Instead of being unveiled in the back of a delivery plane (Jordan DHL launch in 2002), cars are now unveiled online or at the team’s factory. It’s a shirt and tie event, the drivers come out, pull the cover off the car, answer a few questions and are gone.  THEY don’t even look excited, so why should we be?

Budgets are also more of a factor now, which is understandable. Teams don’t want to spend money launching a car, when they could use that money investing in the car. Teams worry they’ll be left red faced if they have a grand reveal and then under perform during the season. See Honda’s earth car above.

Car Launches

How can it be improved?

Modern F1 is often accused of being a little underwhelming, and the current car launches emphasise this. The old ‘all singing and dancing’ car launches may be a thing of the past, but they do need to find a way to engage and excite their audience again. Let’s see the cars being launched in city centres again. We don’t need singers or actors, but let an audience gather and feel like they’re part of the excitement.  This is a much better way to start the season off with a bang and potentially bring in new fans.

Car Launches

How do you think F1 car launches can be improved? Get in touch on our LinkedIn or Facebook page and let us know!

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What do Formula 1 Drivers drive when they’re off duty?

It’s that time of year again – Happy Valentine’s Day! For some, this means romantic trips and red roses, and for others, it means it’s officially acceptable to start counting down to pancake day. Regardless of what Valentine’s Day means to you, if you love cars, you’ll enjoy this article. To mark the occasion, we’re bringing you our favourite cars that look best in red.

Aston Martin DBS Superleggera

The new DBS Superleggera has power that “cannot be reasoned with” and is “menacingly attractive”, especially in red. Account Manager Ed Williams voted for the Superleggera as his Valentine’s themed marque, as in his opinion “it looks best in red”. If it’s love at first sight for the Superleggera, the car comes in three variations of red: Diavolo, Hyper and Divine Red.


Ferrari Portofino

As you might expect, across the Oracle team, Ferrari was at the top of the list for red cars. Because it goes without saying that the unwritten rule of Ferrari is that you have to get it in red, right? London Sales Manager, Shaun Pollock’s favourite model is the Portofino. Luckily for you, if you fancy buying yourself a Valentine’s treat, our sister company Lawton Brook has one in stock (as of 13 February 2020). They describe it as “beautiful and aggressive in equal measure”, what more could you want?


‘Little Red Corvette’

In the words of the late, great (Artist Formerly Known As) Prince! Not only is the song one for the Valentine’s playlist, but a should famously be red. The iconic motor is legendary within its industry. The first generation of Corvette was introduced in 1953 when the concept was displayed as a ‘dream car’ at General Motor’s Motorama in New York. That summer, the first 300 models were built by hand in Flint, Michigan. Is it your dream car?

Aston Martin DB4 GT Zagato

According to the British automaker, the DB4GT & DB4GT Zagato are “two of the most valuable and collectable cars in Aston Martin’s history”. Both models have played “a crucial role in defining some of the iconic design cues still used in Aston Martin today”. But it was the Zagato that our Senior Underwriter, Paul Murphy thought looked especially good in red. Do you agree?

Lotus Esprit

Team Oracle obviously has a soft spot for the Lotus Esprit as it recently cropped up in our article “Best Iconic Film Cars” for the starring role in the 1977 James Bond film, ‘The Spy Who Loved Me’. However, Senior Account Manager, Dale prefers the Esprit without the ability to turn into a submarine – and much prefers it in a classic red.

Ferrari F40

A bonus Ferrari entry for the list, because, let’s be honest, the best red cars are Ferraris. Oracle Managing Director, Peter Brook voted for the “uber-cool” F40, that should be “only in red”.

Have you met your perfect match?  Are you in LOVE with the red car of your dreams? Get in touch!

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What is a car finance broker?

A broker by definition is “an independent party” who “arranges something such as a deal or agreement between two (or more) groups”.

For example, it’s common practice when purchasing a property to use an intermediary such as an Independent Financial Adviser or a Mortgage Broker to arrange your mortgage.  It’s widely understood that by using a broker, you can fit the right financial product to your circumstances more efficiently than by going straight to the bank or building society.

At Oracle, the concept is no different.  As a broker we work on your behalf to find the best finance option for you by acting as the middle man between you and the car finance provider. All you have to do is pick your dream car! From the application to organising the paperwork, your Account Manager will do it all.

And we have plenty of happy customers, such as this one on Trustpilot:

“I filled out the contact us form on their website to receive an email back from Arjan. I can’t speak any more highly of Arjan, not only was he very helpful with tailoring multiple quotes for the car (me constantly changing deposits terms etc) but he was extremely efficient, friendly and attentive. Within days I had the finance agreed, money sent and driving in my new car.” Simon C, Trustpilot Review

Why use a broker?

It often means you’ll be driving your dream car within days, as we take all the hassle out of the whole process.  Here at Oracle, our dedicated Account Managers make the experience as easy as possible.  The team will use their expert knowledge of the car and finance industry to tailor the right car finance product for you.  And their expertise stretches from the moment you start to look for a new car right through to having the finance in place.

You wouldn’t expect an estate agent to provide you with a mortgage quote, and you should follow the same principle when buying a car.  The car dealership (or private seller) simply won’t have the breadth of knowledge of expertise to give you choice and flexibility when it comes to finance products.

That’s where Oracle comes in. We’ve spent 15 years working with some of the biggest lenders in the industry to transform the prestige vehicle finance market. It might sound corny, but with Oracle you really are in the driving sear, literally and metaphorically!

Senior Account Manager, Oliver says: “My favourite thing about being at Oracle is the speed at which I’m often required to work; I can receive an initial call on a Monday morning (or Wednesday afternoon) from a customer who’s just found their dream car and by the weekend, they will be driving it”.


We are a credit broker not a lender. Oracle Asset Finance Ltd is authorised & regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (Financial Services Register No. 662576) for the sale of consumer credit. For more information, please visit

This week, we’re kicking off the new month by bringing you the top three need-to-know stories on our radar. From new TV shows to binge on, to exciting opportunities for the automaking industry.

“Coming February 28 – Formula 1: Drive to Survive Season 2 on Netflix”

This month, we’re counting down to the arrival of the second season of Formula 1: Drive to Survive. The season will cover numerous parts of the last F1 race held in 2019 and will be available on Netflix from 28 February, only a couple of weeks before the Melbourne Grand Prix. According to Formula 1, you can expect “a no-holds-barred look at what it’s really like for the drivers and team personnel to live and work in the F1 circus, as the key storylines of the 2019 season”.

need-to-know stories

Image: F1

“Billionaire Stroll takes major stake in Aston Martin”

It was recently reported than billionaire businessman Lawrence Stroll made a huge investment into British auto company, Aston Martin. Stroll’s 16.6% stake in the automaker has sparked a “major revamp of [the] firm’s long-term plans”. The Canadian businessman’s F1 team Racing Point is also set to rebrand as Aston Martin.

need-to-know stories
Image: AutoCar

“Ferrari just getting started”

According to PistonHeads, Italian sports car manufacturer Ferrari are “on a roll”. Last year, the company saw through five new model launches, making 2019 “a big year for Ferrari”. PistonHeads reported the company “saw an increase in pre-tax earnings of 22% in the final quarter of the year”. It doesn’t take a psychic to predict a successful start to the new decade for the Italian marque, especially since the brands first ever sports utility vehicle is yet to come.

Image: PistonHeads

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Team Oracle’s Best Places To Drive In The UK – Part 1

What do Formula 1 Drivers drive when they’re off duty?


Welcome to part two of our three-part series covering Team Oracle’s favourite roads to drive in the UK. Our next stop is Wales, filled with rolling countryside and open coastlines., there’s plenty of exciting places to go for a spin.

Caersws (A470) to Brecon Beacons

Account Managers Arjan and Eve both suggested this spectacular 63.2 mile route. Starting in the village of Caersws, you quickly join the treelined A470. As you continue down the road you’ll enjoy stretches of straight open road as well as winding corners. The further along the A470 you get, the trees begin to fade away to reveal the mountainous countryside. The final 5 miles of the journey take you down tight country roads before you end up at the base of Pen Y Fan in the Brecon Beacons. Arjan and Eve agreed a McLaren 600LT has the perfect handling to complete this epic journey.

Image: Express & Star

Evo Triangle

If you’re a driving enthusiast, you probably guessed this would make the list. Made famous by Evo magazine as the route they would test drive all their cars, from family friendly estates to rare supercars, they’ve all been tested here. The 22.4 mile route doesn’t just put any car through its paces, it also offers some of the most beautiful scenery Wales has to offer. Account Manager Ed warns there’s a lot of speed cameras about. If you’re on a family holiday, the last stint of the trip passes Glan Y Gors Karting track, which is well worth stopping off at for a few hours of fun.

Image: Motor1

Aberiddy Beach to Stumble Head Lighthouse

Starting on the stone beach, you follow a tight and winding country road uphill allowing you to take in the breath-taking views over the bay of Aberiddy. Before you know it, the sea will disappear in the distance and you’ll find yourself powering down the A487, passing quaint welsh Hamlets on either side. As you work your way towards Stumble Head the sea begins to come back into view. A couple of curved bends later and you’ll spot the lighthouse in front of you signalling the finishing line. Our Social Media Executive, Shauna, recommends completing the journey on a summer evening, so you can roll down the roof on a convertible and watch the sunset as you drive along.



When discussing the best places to drive in the UK, Senior Account Manger Calypso had a one-word response: Snowdonia. Spanning 823 square miles the national park offers every type of driving experience you could imagine. From cruising down the coast to climbing mountain roads, Snowdonia has it all. Whether you’re a prestige, sports or classic car owner you’ll find somewhere to take your pride and joy.


Have you got a favourite road to drive in Wales? Get in touch on our LinkedIn or Facebook page and let us know!

Keep your eyes peeled for our third and final feature on the best UK roads.

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