Car News 16 Jan 2018

700bhp Mustang Shelby GT500 announced for 2019

Ford have topped off an action-packed Detroit Motor Show with the announcement of the new Mustang Shelby GT500 in a short promotional video. The short teaser video announces the new flagship model will be released in 2019 and will be the most powerful road production vehicle to date. The news follows on from last week’s announcement of a new Bullitt being added to the Mustang line-up.

The teaser video provides short snippets of the upcoming model, as well as some key information about the Shelby. Whilst the details provided are thin, the video does confirm a 2019 release date and that the new model will offer 700bhp.

Ford highlight how the model will ‘stand apart on roadways and race track’, as well as featuring ‘innovative track technologies’ and ‘functional track-tuned styling’. The video confirms this with shots of the front splitter, fixed rear wing and slated bonnet design.

Ford have yet to release a price for the new model and also confirmation the GT500 will be sold in the UK.





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