Car News 24 Mar 2016

A new classic: Jaguar’s limited edition XKSS

Jaguar Classic has revealed it will build 9 new limited edition XKSS road cars. The limited run cars are replicas based on the Le Mans-winning D-type motorsport cars from 1957.

In 1957, 25 D-type racers were to be converted into XKSS road cars, however only 16 were completed before the factory was destroyed by fire.  59 years on, Jaguar has decided to complete the job.  The 9 new XKSS’s will be built to closely match the original specification of the classic car, making them as authentic as possible.

Additions to the beautiful original will include an extra door for the passenger, a higher windscreen and the original car’s tailfin will be replaced with a chrome luggage rack.  The limited edition car will be built in Warwick at Jaguar’s ‘Experimental Shop’ , using a range of special techniques, including scanning the original car’s monocoque and hand-rolling the body panels.

The rare new Jaguar will be sold to nine lucky customers, priced at just over £1 million, with first deliveries in early 2017.