Car News 24 Feb 2016

All-New TVR Is Getting Ready for a Comeback!

All-New TVR Is Getting Ready for a Comeback!

One of Britain’s best-loved sports cars, the TVR is to make a comeback in 2017, after nearly a decade since the Blackpool-based company ceased its production.

The company has announced that the long-promised, all-new TVR sports car will be designed by engineering guru Gordon Murray and will be powered by a unique, hugely powerful Cosworth V8 engine.

The chairman of TVR, Les Edgar, revealed that TVRs will be built in Britain from 2017 and at least four new models are under development.

Even though the new TVRs will be similar to previous models, such as, the Tuscan and Sagaris, with the same built-in two-seater simplicity and lightness, the new cars’ construction elements and techniques will be completely different.

The TVR is expected to be extremely fast, with 450bhp-plus in a 1100kg structure and managing 0-60mph in less than four seconds, at a top speed of over 185mph.

Further details and announcements are expected later in 2015, however, a starting price of about £60,000 seems likely, with performance extras increasing prices towards £80,000.

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