Car News 14 Dec 2016

Aston Martin announce 25 new DB4 GTs

Aston Martin will build from scratch 25 new continuation model DB4 GTs. The cars will be built by Aston’s specialist historic department, Aston Martin Works.

The original 1959-1963 DB4 GTs are some of the most coveted collectors’ cars. Aston Martin will continue the series where it left off, completing the line with the same chassis number 0202R. The DB4 GT debuted at Silverstone and Le Mans, winning Silverstone with racing legend Stirling Moss.

The new continuation models will celebrate the car’s success and beauty, following the same blueprints and styling. The new models will be hand-crafted and in lightweight specification, unlike many of the originals. They will be powered by the same straight 6 set-up, with dual spark plugs per cylinder, however output will be increased to 4.2-litres and 340bhp.

The replica models will be true to the original with the same coachwork, tubular framing and styling with just a few modern technological advancements added. The cars will also be track-only, unlike the originals so that the classics won’t be overshadowed. Aston Martin have included a two year international driving programme, allowing the buyer to race the car at some of the world’s best race tracks. Buyers will also receive a track lesson from Le Mans winner, Darren Turner.

Deliveries for the DB4 GT Continuation will begin in 2017. Pricing is yet to be revealed, however around £1.5 million is estimated for the new Aston.


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