Car News 17 Jun 2016

Aston Martin and Red Bull unveil the AM-RB 001

The AM-RB 001 was secretly revealed to potential customers behind closed doors at the Monaco Grand Prix last month.

The collaboration between the two powerhouses will undoubtly result in an incredible mid-engined hypercar, however it will not make its public debut till later in 2017, as working prototypes are not expected till Spring.

Only a limited number of select clients were privy to the unveiling and much is being kept quiet. Reichman revealed that only 99 models will be made and AM-RB 001 will only be sold in certain markets.

The design derives mostly from Aston Martin, using beautiful and dramatic lines, however performance from Red Bull and F1 influence can be expected. There will be petrol and hybrid options available and the new hypercar will be heavier than an LMP1 race car weighing more than 900kg.

The hotly anticipated AM-RM 001 will cost around £2-3 million, however no price will be announced publicly.

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