Car News 17 Oct 2017

Aston Martin unveil new DB11 roadster

Aston Martin has lifted the lid on their new roadster, the DB11 Volante. The Volante has merged some of the more contentious design details from the DB11 into an attractive roadster that looks sophisticated with either the roof up or down.

The Volante will benefit from a compact fabric roof unit compiled of eight layers, which will insulate the cockpit from road noise. As well as this, the roof only takes 14 seconds to be lowered and at speeds up to 31mph.

The DB11 Volante is currently only available with the 4.0-litre twin-turbo V8, with no current plans to use the previous V12 engine from the DB9 Volante. The V8 generates 503bhp and 513lb ft of torque, not slow by any imagination, but may fall short for those longing for a V12 soundtrack.

The inside remains largely unchanged, with the Mercedes sourced electronics and leather finishes alongside new seats, which are finished in a matching trim to the dashboard. The Volante does receive new 20-inch forged wheels, available in silver, diamond cut or potentially a champagne finish.

The DB11 Volante is expected to reach customers in spring 2018, with a price tag of £159,900.




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