Car News 13 Jul 2017

Aston Martin Valkyrie revealed in new pictures

Aston Martin’s new Valkyrie hypercar has been revealed in full through a series of dramatic images.

The new photos emphasize the F1 style bodywork and technology that will be used on the ground-breaking hypercar. According to designers at the Gaydon-based design centre, the outside is now “about 95 per cent finished, the remaining areas of non-structural bodywork are still subject to evolution and change.” The engineers have worked alongside Red Bull’s Advanced Technologies department to develop the futuristic look and aerodynamics of the vehicle. The ‘Venturi Tunnels’ that flank each side of the cockpit, coupled with a series of vents and scoops, will contribute to helping the car produce downforce figures similar to that of an LMP1 car.

Aston Martin has collaborated with famed engine manufacturer Cosworth to produce the engine, resulting in a naturally aspirated, high revving, 6.5-litre V12, which will be paired alongside a hybrid battery system to generate a figure expected to be around 1000bhp.

The interior will also push the boundaries of modern day road cars with the Valkyrie adopting a reclined position, with feet up above the occupant’s hip point, similar to an F1 car, as well as a futuristic racing style steering wheel. The car will also feature other modern day wizardry such as a KERS-style boost system and a sophisticated push rod suspension system, making this Aston Martin a real one of a kind, that will propel the brand into the future and define a new era for motoring.

Prices are expected to be between £2-3 million and first deliveries are expected to start in 2019.



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