Car News 9 Mar 2017

The Aston Martin AMR Vantage Pro and Rapide

Aston Martin officially announced their new high-performance sub-brand AMR at the Geneva Motor Show. The new launch showcased two all-new AMR models.

The new Aston Martin Racing brand will offer more extreme versions of the range. They take inspiration and technology from the marques racing team.  The AMR models have bespoke styling, more power and tuned tech.

The AMR Rapide runs on Aston’s naturally aspirated 6.0-litre V12 engine capable of a 210mph flat out. The AMR variant puts out a massive 592bhp and gets a new quad exhaust system.

The new model is finished in Sterling Green with eye-catching bright lime green accents on the front splitter, rear differs and a racing style stripe down the centre of the car. The AMR Rapide gets a new aero flip, grille, front splitter and rear diffuser. The interior gets a unique dark and lime green colour scheme, carbon fibre seats and centre console.

The AMR Vantage Pro is even more performance-focused than the Rapide and is similar to a GT3 or GT4. It is licenced as an track-only car. The Vantage Pro runs on a 500bhp V8 engine similar to the GT4’s. It is decked out with transmission mounts, a roll cage and competition spec adjustable suspension. The Pro has a large GT rear wing and it gets Michelin Pilot Cup 2 tyres – 19 inch at the front and rear.

The Vantage Pro has the same racing inspired Stirling Green and Lime Green styling for the exterior and interior. The interior features advanced technology and lightweight carbon fibre bucket seats.

No production date or price has been confirmed. Only 210 Rapides will be produced and a mere seven Vantage Pros.

rapide_amr_10 rapide_amr_01 vantage_amr_pro_05

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