Car News 13 Apr 2018

Audi launch new A6 Avant estate…

Audi has released images and details of its new A6 Avant estate.  The new car’s distinctive sloping bootline has apparently been achieved without compromising the boot space, which totals 565 litres as standard, extending to 1680 litres with the seats folded down.  Responding to criticism of the previous model, Audi has given the new car extra elbow room throughout the cabin, as well as greater knee room in the rear.

Head of exterior design, Helmut Jung said, “This is a car that delivers on both fronts.  Usually such a dramatic line as the slope we have from the roof to the boot brings compromises but, because of the extended length of the car and some clever design work, we have exactly the same boot space as before.”

The new A6 Avant is expected to launch with the V6 286ps 50 TDI diesel and 340ps 55 TFSI petrol engines and will go on sale this summer, priced around £40,000.


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