Car News 12 Oct 2016

Bengala’s all-carbonfibre Ferrari F12

The Spanish tuner, Bengala Automotive, has given Ferrari’s F12 a full carbonfibre bodykit. The F12 Caballeria has an improved power-to-weight ratio and more adventurous styling.

Bengala has announced it will be building only 10 of the super lightweight F12’s, which will be on the roads by summer 2017. The exclusive F12 Caballeria has been redesigned with a number of engineering and styling tweaks.

The Caballeria has been given a full carbonfibre bodykit, making it even more lightweight and further improving the car’s already astonishing performance. New aerodynamic features have been added giving the car a more dramatic look. The figures are yet to be confirmed but expect a 0-62mph time of less than 3 seconds and a top speed over 211mph. Bengala could achieve hypercar status with the new statistics.

The styling of the bodykit takes inspiration from Ferrari’s GT3 racers and every body panel has been redesigned to make the car distinctive. The lines are sharper and more aggressive, however the car’s balance has been kept with some recognisable F12 shapes.

Bengala are releasing the F12 as part of their exclusive Privilege Program line, which produces one new model annually. The original car’s price started at £241,073, so the 10 buyers can expect a substantial premium over this.

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