Bentley at its Best

Bentley have revealed their limited edition Birkin Mulsanne at the Detroit Motor Show. The Birkin Mulsanne will exude exclusivity as only 22 models are due to be produced to the European market. The model has been inspired by Sir Henry ‘Tiger’ Tim Birkin who raced around Europe in the 1920’s and 1930’s. Mechanically, there aren’t any modifications; this limited edition model will be offered with the same 505bhp 6.75 litre V8 engine. The Birkin Mulsanne has a top speed of 184mph and reaches 62mph in a remarkable 5.1 seconds.  The finish of the exterior is extraordinary, with stunning 21 inch alloy wheels and numbered door sill plaques. Internally, the design is equally exquisite with a 3D “Flying B” logo sewn into the headrests and a diamond quilted design covering the seats and doors. Those fortunate enough to experience the rear have the option of picnic tables and two 8-inch LCD screens on the headrests. There will be no whingeing in this car, with the Birkin Mulsanne’s premium sound system and Wi-Fi hotspot keeping you entertained.  If you can force yourself to vacate this magnificent model, you can arrive in style with a matching set of luggage. The Birkin Mulsanne is expected to cost around £207,046 before tax in the UK with prices varying depending on the country.

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