Car News 19 Nov 2015

Bentley Bentayga First Edition unveiled

The exclusive Bentley Bentayga First Edition has been revealed ahead of the Los Angeles motor show.

The First Edition run of Bentley’s first ever SUV will be limited to a mere 608 examples.  The latest images and spec details reveal that the First Edition Bentayga will receive the full Bentley treatment, including bespoke luxury trims and specialist equipment above and beyond the lavish styling that will feature in later Bentayga models.

The First Edition will boast more detail and trim options than the standard Bentagya , including Union Jack badging, new quilted trim and bespoke colour options.  Owners will also have the choice of 3 special Breitling watches.  External features include illuminated treadplates and 22in alloy wheels.

The total of 608 First Edition models reflects the car’s power output of 608PS.  The twin-turbo W12 engine will deliver 0-60mph in 4 seconds and a top speed of 187mph.  Four on-road and four off-road drive modes will be available through the 8 speed electronic transmission.

Bentley’s new SUV will have a starting price of £160,200, with plenty of room for customisation.  Orders are being taken now, with first deliveries expected in 2017.