BMW 5 Series Facelift for 2016

BMW will be revamping their 5 Series model for 2016 in order to rival the Mercedes-Benz E Class. This will not be focused on overhauling the design as BMW believe buyers do not require drastic changes for the 5 Series. Minor enhancements will be made to make the model sportier and more superior than the current model. The key to the appeal of the 5 Series is the impressive handling and with alterations being made to offer a more lightweight platform this is expected to improve the agility and stiffness of the model further. BMW will be using strong steels, aluminium and carbon-fibre reinforced plastic in an attempt to reduce the kerb weight by 100kg. The BMW range of engines will be built up of 500cc cylinders, which can already be found in Mini models. The 5 Series will be powered by a 2.0 litre four cylinder diesel, as BMW are still unsure whether buyers would drive a three cylinder 5 Series. The BMW 5 Series has a strong technology future which will be concentrated around connectivity and semi-autonomous driving. This option will be available to offer more control when driving, for example to help join the motorway from slip roads or when overtaking. If you opt against this option, there are still various features to ease the driving experience, for example a pre-select gear option which can be nominated when reaching a slower car. The 5 Series models will have internet enabled and be fitted with a SIM card enabling app usage on the go, for example music integration and even air conditioning function control. The 5 Series saloon is expected to come first in the summer of 2016 for an estimated starting price of £33,000. This will be followed by a range of 5 Series models, so look out Mercedes-Benz. 

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