Car News 5 Jul 2017

BMW i8 Spyder teased in new pictures

BMW have officially teased the upcoming i8 Spyder in a series of new images released on their social media channels. This is the first official showing of the car ahead of its release in 2018.

It is expected the i8 Spyder will continue to use its carbon fibre tub chassis, which in turn should reduce any rigidity loss that other drop-top models can suffer from. The Spyder is also expected to use the same plug-in, hybrid powertrain as the coupe, which combines a turbo charged 1.5-litre three-cylinder petrol engine alongside three electric motors, resulting in a total power output of 357bhp.

BMW are yet to release the technical specification and an official release date for the Spyder, however it looks like it could potentially be seen in early 2018.


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