Car News 18 Mar 2016

BMW unveil Vision Next 100 concept car

BMW has unveiled the ‘Vision Next 100’ concept car at its 100thbirthday celebrations in Munich. The Vision Next 100 showcases the technology, innovation and future direction of BMW over the next 100 years and beyond.

Based around the development of fully autonomous driving, BMW’s concept features two distinct modes; Boost and Ease. Boost mode is an enhanced driving mode, where the driver is in control and receives car information, window screen mounted driving lines, hazards, steering points and the perfect speed. Ease mode, supported by ‘Alive Geometry’, retracts the steering wheel and centre console, swivelling the seats so that the driver and passengers can be facing each other in a relaxed, fully autonomous driving environment.

The Alive Geometry feature – with 800 moving triangular scales on the exterior and interior – helps warn the driver and passengers of autonomous movement, as well as stretching and reacting to hazards or changes in the environment or aerodynamics.  The trademark kidney grille remains at the front, however in the concept it is laden with sensors and changes colour to tell other road users if the car is in Boost or Ease mode. The window screen is a giant display, acting as a tour guide when in Ease mode, with advanced technology and connectivity.

BMW has not confirmed what would power the Vision Next 100, and it may be a while before you see it in a dealership near you!