BMW’s SUV Battle

BMW is set to produce three new SUV models in 2014, with its M division also launching two new models. To kick it off, a new production version of the X4 is set to be unveiled at the New York Motor Show in April. This launch will correspond with the X3 models modifications, which will be getting front-end adjustments to match that of the X4s. A range of four cylinder and six-pot petrol and diesel engines will be made available, alongside a sports steering system. There will also be a new X6 model reaching the UK in November after making its debut in August at the Moscow Motor Show. The new model is set to be sportier intending to build on the success of the 2008 model. A new X6M and X5M will also be launched by the end of the year, with an assurance of sharper design and improved economy and CO2 emissions, using a twin-turbo 4.4l V8 engine with increased power and torque.

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