Car News 18 Jul 2016

Bristol’s 70th anniversary comeback

British Luxury and Sports car maker, Bristol, has released a teaser image of its new ‘Bristol Bullet’. The new car is based on the 2014 concept ‘Project Pinnacle’ and marks the return of the prestigious brand.

The Bristol Bullet will start the modernisation of the brand, as it returns to the market. The new model is being released to celebrate 70 years of the Bristol brand, which has an exclusive and long-standing history of bespoke performance cars. The Bristol Bullet will have modern tech, and yet still hark back to classic Bristols like the 404 and 405 models.

The new car made a camouflaged outing as a concept at the Goodwood Festival of Speed. It will feature a lightweight carbonfibre chassis and two engines will be on offer – a 400bhp naturally-aspirated 4.8-litre V8 and a hybrid option that will be released later.

Styling will feature retro elements inspired by Bristol’s heritage, such as the small squat grille and circular headlights, which are based on the firm’s aeroplane company engine.  The car’s wings and bonnet are reminiscent of the cars of the 1950’s.

The Bristol Bullet will be fully unveiled on 26th July 2016, however production will not start till early 2017.



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