Car News 3 Jan 2018

Corvette to launch 700bhp mid-engined C8 in 2019

The upcoming Corvette C8 will offer a drastic alteration to its setup as it moves to a mid-mounted engine, compared to the front-engined layout of its forebears.

The C8 will receive a new twin-turbo V8 that sits directly behind the passenger compartment and is expected to send 700bhp to the rear wheels. The new move aims to increase balance of the C8 and will potentially offer more power than the Ford GT and Ferrari 488 GTB.

The spy shots show the new design of the C8, which is sporting a shorter bonnet and longer rear section, all eluding to the new engine layout. Its construction is expected to be made of aluminium in a bid to save weight, instead of carbonfibre which is used by some of its competitors, in a move to reduce cost.

The finished product is expected to land in the UK in mid-2019. Prices are yet to be confirmed, however based on Corvettes history; we could see the C8 undercut its exotic European rivals.




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