Car News 15 Mar 2018

Details of McLaren’s hyper-GT revealed

McLaren have revealed further details of its upcoming three-seat, hyper-GT, codenamed BP23, which will take the crown as the fastest car McLaren have ever made, with a top speed of 243mph.

The new hypercar will use electric assistance and an uprated version of the 4.0-litre twin-turbo V8 from the track focused Senna GTR, which will result in the BP23 becoming the world’s fastest hybrid. However, McLaren are keen to stress the BP23 isn’t just about being fast. McLaren’s Ultimate Series Vehicle line director, Andy Palmer, comments how, ‘Owners will be able to carry a lot of luggage, two passengers, and get from A to B incredibly quickly in the height of luxury and using innovative technology.’

Speaking about the new car Palmer says, ‘The car is very exciting to drive, sitting in the middle gives you something very different: great visibility and an appreciation of what’s going on all around you.’

The BP23 is due to enter production in late 2019, with only 106 models scheduled to be built. McLarens new super-hybrid will cost £1.65m, excluding taxes, and the model will receive a new name before being released.





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