Car News 20 Feb 2018

Edo Competition Take Mercedes-AMG GT R Over 650bhp

German tuners Edo Competition have dialled up the power on the Mercedes-AMG GT R to now offer a ballistic 651bhp. Edo have applied modifications to both the chassis set up, as well as turning up the boost, which has resulted in liberating an extra 74bhp and 59lb ft of torque from the existing 4.0-litre twin-turbo V8.

The Edo GT R produces a total of 651bhp and 574lb ft of torque as well as a new, Autobahn munching top speed of 211mph, up from 198mph. The 0-62mph time has been has also been improved, shaving 0.3 seconds off the normal GT R’s 3.6 seconds 0-62mph. The chassis has been refocused for the track by dropping the front by a full 25mm and the rear by 20mm. Whilst dropping the height doesn’t necessarily guarantee a quicker track time, it does the give the GT R an even meaner and more aggressive look.

Edo are yet to confirm a price for the GT R upgrade package.




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