Car News 10 Jan 2017

Faraday Future’s 1,050bhp FF 91

The new electric car specialist, Faraday Future, unveiled their very first production car at the CES in Las Vegas. The new FF 91 packs over 1,000bhp and features advanced technology.

The new electric hypercar has Variable Platform Architecture, making it flexible and adjustable. The platform allows for a wide range of batteries and motors to be used. The tall saloon sits on a longwheel base and powers all-four wheels with multiple motors.

The multi-motor configuration allows the FF 91 to be setup for rear-wheel torque vectoring for rear-wheel drive. There is a 130kWh battery system which has been provided by specialist LG Chem. The cars power at its peak reaches 783kW, which translates to around 1,050bhp. Faraday Future claim the car is capable of an impressive 0-60mph time of only 2.39 seconds.

The range from the combined motors is 435 miles from a full charge.  The battery itself takes 4 ½ hours to charge from 50% to 100% again. The FF 91 can be charged using the provided home charger system.

It features advanced technology throughout including self-driving modes and facial recognition software. The driverless valet mode is one of the self-driving features; the car will drive and park itself independently.  The facial recognition system is used in place of a key, the car is programmed to recognise a range of faces for passengers and drivers. The facial recognition system also allows for the car to set the interior environment by also reading mood and facial expressions. It can configure the seating, heating, scent and music for the person entering.

The FF 91 has a strong focus on connectivity with integrated apps and a wide range of special features such as a 3D LIDAR system. The Faraday Future antennas can build user profiles and share data out with the vehicle.

The first deliveries of the FF 91 are due in 2018, however buyers can secure one of the new electric hypercars with a $5,000 refundable deposit now.


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