Car News 8 Jan 2016

Star of the CE Show: Faraday’s 1000bhp electric hypercar

Faraday Future has unveiled its incredible concept car, the FFZERO1, at the Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Show.

This cutting-edge design has certainly got people talking, packing as much power as a McLaren P1 GTR, with a 1000bhp, four-motor arrangement, housed in a lightweight carbon fibre body.  Capable of over 200mph and 0-60mph in under 3 seconds, the single-seat FFZERO1 features racing suspension, advanced vehicle dynamic control, torque vectoring and autonomous driving.

The focus is on future connectivity and smart technology ideas, using the driver’s smartphone to slot into the steering wheel and personalise the car’s set up.  Other future-tech includes virtual and head-up displays and an ‘intuitive UI’.

You might not see one in a showroom near you any time soon, but the FFZERO1 is certainly an inspiration for manufacturers and drivers alike!