Car News 4 Jan 2017

First production Ford GT rolls off the assembly line

The first of Ford’s eagerly anticipated GT supercars has been unveiled at the Multimatic assembly facility in Markham, Ontario.

Just 500 GTs were originally planned, but there has been so much interest in the new supercar that Ford has announced a further 500 will be built.  The original batch has already been sold to the initial 6500 applicants, with Ford now carefully selecting the owners of the next 500.

The new GT is powered by a mid-mounted twin-turbo 3.5 litre V6, delivering 600bhp and a top speed of over 200mph.  Built primarily from carbon fibre, the lightweight supercar features a seven-speed dual clutch automatic gearbox and a fully customisable instrument display.  Performance details are yet to be confirmed, but a 0-60mph time close to 3.0sec is expected.

Following the car’s success at Le Mans in 2016, the first year’s production will be offered with an optional Le Mans heritage colour scheme.  This will be the famed black and silver striped paintjob from the 1966 Le Mans-winning GT40.  A further eight ‘bright’ colours will also be available.

The first UK deliveries of the £300,000 supercar are expected in mid-2017.


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