Car News 1 Nov 2016

The Fisker EMotion unveiled

Henrik Fisker’s new company, Fisker Inc. has revealed its first new model. The luxury EMotion is electric-powered and will rival Tesla’s Model X.

Henrik Fisker is a renowned designer in the automotive industry, working for the likes of Aston Martin. His new company is aiming to conquer the growing EV market.

The new EMotion sedan promises to cover a large range to rival its competitors, and should be able to drive over 400 miles from a single charge. The electric-powered car is also expected to have a top speed of 161mph. The chassis will be made from a combination of carbon and aluminium. No specific battery or technical data has been released yet, however it will be powered by a Graphene-infused battery.

The new EMotion has sleek styling, featuring a slim front grille, angular adaptive LED headlights and a striking front end. The EMotion has dynamic “butterfly doors” at both the front and rear that swing open above the car for easy access. The interior is yet to be revealed, however Fisker has given the cabin plenty of space and rear leg room. The new EMotion will be laden with advanced technology, including infotainment systems at the front and rear and will have autonomous driving hardware built in.

Fisker will present a working prototype in 2017, however no sale or delivery dates have been revealed yet.

fisker 002-fisker-emotion

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