Car News 11 Oct 2016

The Harrods Signature Caterham Seven

Harrods and Caterham have joined forces to launch the new Caterham Signature personalisation programme. To celebrate the launch, a new Harrods Special Edition 420S has been released.

Caterham will now offer a personalisation programme for the Seven. The new signature division gives buyers the opportunity to customise and style their own bespoke cars. Each car is hand-built and the new programme offers the highest degree of luxury personalisation.

The Harrods Edition Seven is based on a 420S and illustrates the level of detail and luxury that Caterham can provide.

The car’s exterior is finished in ‘Harrods Green’ paint, contrasted with white and gold pinstripes running the length of the car. The chassis itself has also been powder-coated in gold. The unique cabin features a wooden hand-crafted dashboard. The interior is finished in premium butterscotch leather upholstery. The seats are embroidered with the letter ‘H’ and the gear lever has a gold H etched into the top.

The Harrods Edition runs on a 2.0-litre four cylinder engine producing 207bhp, sending power to the rear wheels via a 6-speed manual gearbox. The special edition, priced at £60,000, is on display in the London store this month and will be sold exclusively in Harrods.

The Caterham Signature programme will offer the same unique treatment for all models and Caterham can be contacted directly for commissions.

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