Car News 24 Feb 2016

Increased Power for Porsche

Increased Power for Porsche

Porsche has been developing a new family of cars, including a new eight-cylinder supercar to take on the Ferrari 458. Currently, the new model remains unnamed; however the supercar has been given the tag ‘988’ and is thought to finally address concerns by engineers regarding the six-cylinder engine being insufficient to challenge the eight-cylinder Ferrari engine.

After the recent engine failures at Porsche, some believe it is time to find a new way to enable extra power to the models, as the six-cylinder engines are working to maximum capacity and unable to cope with further power increases. A prototype engine has been trialled and is capable of reaching 600bhp, which is higher than the 562bhp Ferrari 458 Italia. Thus far, there has been no news of the shape of the new model; however it is thought to be influenced by the Porsche 918 hypercar. This eight-cylinder supercar is expected to go on sale in 2017 and will be followed closely by a replacement for the Boxster, Cayman and 911.

In order to reach Porsche’s sales target of 200,000 models a year, a new architecture is under development for both the mid and rear engine upcoming models. In addition to this, Porsche is also working on a new family of turbocharged and normally aspirated engines, which will be offered with four, six and eight cylinder formats. These new engines will enable greater power, whilst also incorporating fuel conserving technology. By 2019, all of the Porsche sports cars should be using this new architecture along with the next generation engines.

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