Car News 19 Feb 2016

Introducing Eagle’s beautiful new Spyder GT

Eagle has revealed its third bespoke modernised Jaguar E-type – the Spyder GT. The new model will sit alongside the Speedster and the Low Drag GT.

All the models in the Eagle E-type range are hand-built to order, with significant performance and styling enhancements. The new car is designed to combine “the style and dynamics of the celebrated Eagle Speedster with the high performance touring capability of the Low Drag GT”.

The Spyder is based on the original E-type, but features a hand-built aluminium body, a redesigned chassis, a larger windscreen and a retractable roof. Powered by a 346bhp, 4.7-litre straight-six with fuel injection, the new Spyder gets a five-speed gearbox with limited slip differential and sprints from 0-60mph in under 5 seconds, reaching a top speed of 170mph. Modern updates include adjustable front anti-roll bars, Öhlins dampers and AP Racing brakes.

Each Spyder GT will be customised to the buyer’s specifications, with production limited to around half a dozen units. The first of the £695,000 cars will be delivered this summer.