Car News 24 Feb 2016

Introducing the £300k Bulletproof Range Rover Sentinel!

Introducing the £300k Bulletproof Range Rover Sentinel!

Land Rover’s SVO division has revealed its new addition, a luxurious armoured Range Rover which can survive multiple types of terrorist attacks.

The new Range Rover, called the Sentinel, features armoured bodywork that can survive lateral penetration by 7.62mm high-velocity incendiary bullets, 15kg of TNT and even DM51 grenade explosions from above and below!

The exterior of the skin bullet, fire and explosion-proof Sentinel is almost identical to the Autobiography model so as not to attract any attention and to blend in with traffic.

The ‘mobile fortress’ uses a six-piece armoured passenger cell made of high-strength steel to protect against an attack, it has an anti-tamper exhaust and self-sealing fuel tank to prevent sabotage, and run-flat inserts in case the tyres are shot out. Additionally, if the main doors are blocked, passengers can escape through a special Emergency Escape System behind the rear seats.  

The luxury SUV comes with the 3.0-litre V6 supercharged petrol engine and SVO states that the abilities of the car are uncompromised and it still delivers the comfort and capability of the standard 4×4.

The bulletproof Range Rover will be built to special order and Land Rover will offer a driver training program to purchasers to ensure that the driver can handle the vehicle in an emergency situation.

The Range Rover Sentinel is currently available to order and prices start from £290,000. 


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