Car News 14 Sep 2018

Jaguar E-Type Zero announced

Jaguar’s Classic division have announced they will build fully electric E-Type’s for a reported cost of £300,000 (or £60,000 if you have your own). If you supply your own you can expect a conversion time of around a week, whereas a restored option will take around 10 months to complete.

Jaguar have taken the time to consider if converting such an iconic classic is the right thing to do. Bosses agreed to sign off on the project, as long as certain parameters are met that adhere to the original E-Type. The performance had to be similar to the original, as well as the driving dynamics and a range of 125 miles. The most interesting parameter is that the process is reversible. The EV drivetrain slots into the same space as the original engine and gearbox and Jaguar will replace the engine and gearbox should you wish at any point.

Jaguar are keen to emphasise that they’re not butchering old pristine cars, if Jaguar source one it will be a non-runner/tired example which will be restored and given a new lease of life.


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