Car News 25 Jan 2017

Jon Olsson’s Alp-ready Lamborghini Huracan

Jon Olsson, the famous freeskier and alpine racer, is selling his one-off customised Lamborghini Huracan.

Jon Olsson is a renowned professional skier, however he is just as well known for his customised car collections. He has taken on massive projects including a GT-R, Audi R8,and Lamborghini Gallardo.

The newest Lamborghini Huracan is now up for grabs. Olsson stripped the car down and has the new carbon panels made in 3D for completely bespoke and perfect bodywork. His work is normally outrageously powerful, lavish but always practical.

The Lamborghini’s V10 engine has been tweaked by Stertman with a VF supercharged kit, bring the power to above 800bhp. The suspension has been lowered using a K& W kit hwoever the driveability and handling remains intact. The car has been fitted with a new Akrapovič exhaust system and Eventuri carbon fibre air intakes. There are carbon ceramic brake discs so that the car can perform well in snow.

The Huracan is wrapped in grey, white and black camouflage and if fitted with a top of the range full carbonfibre ski box from Nord 56. The car has only 2,400 miles on the clock and has been driven up a glacier.

The mad Lamborghini Huracan is on sale for £215,000.


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