Car News 5 May 2016

LaFerrari Spider heads to production

The new Ferrari chairman, Sergio Marchionne, has confirmed that they will be releasing the LaFerrari Spider.

After months of speculation and spy images of the rumoured LaFerrari Spider, the new CEO of Ferrari has confirmed that the convertible version of the supercar is in production. Potential customers have already been contacted to place orders; however exact details have not been released to the public yet.

The LaFerrari Spider is expected to be called the ‘LaFerrarina’, it will be a less aggressive version of the hardtop. The soft-top will be geared towards the road rather than the track. The Spider will use the same carbonfibre structure, consisting of a lightweight mix of 4 different carbons, giving the hypercar its rigidity and handling ability. The Spider will receive changes to the chassis and aerodynamics.

The same 950bhp V12 hybrid powertrain is expected to be used in the convertible and is designed to compete with the Porsche 918 Spyder. Only 499 of the £1 Million LaFerrari’s were built,  it is expected that the new Spider will be even rarer and more expensive than the hardtop.