Car News 24 Feb 2016

Lamborghini Asterion: Testing the Waters of New Design.

Lamborghini Asterion: Testing the Waters of New Design.

Lamborghini have hinted towards a change in direction for some of their future models. The recent Asterion concept shown at last year’s Paris Motor Show was a guinea pig to see how Lamborghini fans would feel towards a move away from the signature angular structure synonymous with the Lamborghini brand. Head of Design, Fillippo Perini said of the matter. ‘We need to understand if we can open another window in our future to be not so extreme but also a little bit more politically correct and elegant,’

The Asterion is much softer and more curved than the Gallardo or the Aventador and the cars lines are described as ‘much more classic, much more GT.’ It’s also a far more restrained than other Lamborghini concepts of recent times.

Seeing how far a brands design can be stretched whilst retaining the essence of Lamborghini signature is what Perini should be aiming to do as head designer.

Whist this is a line that Lamborghini are exploring,it doesn’t mean the end of the angular beasts that we all know and love from Lamborghini. ‘We will continue to produce really extreme supercars,’ ‘but our goal is to understand if the Asterion’s design language will be appreciated by a different kind of customer.’

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