Car News 19 Dec 2016

Lamborghini unveil new 730bhp Aventador S

Lamborghini’s striking new Aventador S is set to hit Britain’s streets in April 2017.  The upgraded supercar produces 40bhp more from the same 6.5-litre V12 engine, delivering 0-62mph in 2.9sec and a top speed of 217mph.  The redesigned front bumper produces 130% more downforce on the nose, while the new rear wing can be shifted into three different positions, increasing downforce by up to 50%.

Power is distributed to all four wheels via Lamborghini’s Independent Shifting Rod 7-speed gearbox, with maximum revs increased from 8350rpm to 8500rpm.  The exhaust system is 20% lighter than before, but the car weighs the same as its predecessor at 1575kg.  In spite of this, the power-to-weight ratio is increased to 463bhp/ton – a 25bhp improvement.

The car is equipped with a new four-wheel steering system – a first for Lamborghini – which the company says will improve agility and high-speed stability.  There’s a new ‘Ego’ driving mode, which allows the driver to tweak the car’s suspension and drivetrain settings, and the cabin now features a TFT touchscreen with Apple Carplay.

Lamborghini’s new flagship model will be priced at £271,146, an increase of £11,106 on the outgoing Aventador.


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