Car News 20 May 2016

Look out for our ‘Big EU Poll’- coming 23rd May!

Next month the nation faces its biggest question in a generation:

‘Should the UK stay in or leave the EU?’

This era-defining decision will have huge consequences for everyone’s personal and business lives, so we want to know what you think ahead of the big vote.

On Monday, 23rd May, all our customers will receive a personal email invitation to take part in our ‘Big EU Poll’.

Over 60,000 clients will be surveyed, and we’ll share the findings with everyone who votes.

Our customers are among the UK’s top business leaders and decision makers, so the results promise to offer a fascinating insight ahead of the referendum.

Look out for your personal email invitation on the 23rd May, and remember to cast your vote to receive all the survey analysis!

(All votes are anonymous and your personal data won’t be shared.)

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