Car News 17 Oct 2018

McLaren F1 successor ready for October 26th reveal

McLaren’s upcoming Ultimate Series hypercar has been officially named the Speedtail and will be officially revealed in full at 1pm on October 26th. The new teaser image shows the aerodynamic elongated rear section of the F1 successor, revealing where the Speedtail takes its name from.

Designed to be the fastest McLaren ever built, the Speedtail will look to beat the F1’s top speed of 243mph through the use of a hybrid powertrain, with a combined power total of 986bhp. Unlike the track-focused Senna, the Speedtail will be a grand-tourer, with an emphasis on luxury finishes and bespoke features built to each customer’s specification by McLaren’s MSO division.

Like the iconic F1, the Speedtail will be limited to just 106 units, for a cost of £1.75 million plus taxes and options, with all 106 reportedly sold.


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