Car News 11 Dec 2015

McLaren produces last ever P1 hypercar

McLaren has ended production of its legendary P1 hypercar. The 375th, and final, P1 has rolled off the production line, leaving just the P1 GTR in McLaren’s ‘Ultimate Series’.

The £866,000 P1 became an icon in 2013, defining McLaren’s road and track cars from the beginning, with cutting-edge technology, extreme speed and stunning looks. The 903bhp hypercar can sprint from 0-62mph in 2.8 seconds, reaching a blistering top speed of 217mph.

The final P1, in orange livery, is on its way to its owner, leaving just two used P1s currently on sale in the UK, both with low mileage and priced between £1.8 – £2m.

Now all eyes are on the P1’s successor, expected by 2020.