Car News 30 Oct 2018

McLaren Speedtail details revealed

McLaren have released details of the upcoming Hyper-GT F1 replacement called the Speedtail. The Hyper-GT will be the fastest McLaren road car to date and will boast 1036bhp, a top speed of 250mph and excluding taxes will cost £1.75m

The Speedtails phenomenal performance will be delivered by a hybrid power system consisting of a 4-litre, twin-turbocharged V8 engine which is boosted with electric motors. Power will be delivered through the rear wheels by McLarens seven-speed gearbox, which will propel the Speedtail from 0-186mph in just 12.8 seconds, 3.7 seconds quicker than a P1. To contain all that power the Speedster will use brakes from the Senna and bespoke tyres made by Pirelli for the 21-inch forged aluminium wheels.

The interior will retain the famous central driving position, which is flanked by two seats, the same as the F1. The driver is faced with 5 screens, the central one for the core instruments, with a screen either side for the sat nav, infotainment and trip computer. Two more screens will act as a digital mirror system, which display the feed from the two aerodynamic pods that are fitted with a wide angle-camera.

Development is well underway for the Hyper-GT, with all 106 models already reportedly sold, with first deliveries expected to start arriving with customers in 2020.


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