Car News 1 Sep 2016

Mercedes-AMG F1 hypercar confirmed for 2018

During the Belgian Grand Prix, Mercedes-AMG sources confirmed that they will be releasing an F1-engined road car to celebrate AMG’s 50th anniversary.

The exciting new hypercar will feature F1 technology and drivetrain, while remaining road-legal. Mercedes hope to compete with the likes of Aston Martin-Red Bull’s new hypercar by combining their speciality AMG and F1 departments to create something truly outstanding.

The hypercar will run on a tweaked version of the same engine as the current F1 racer W07, driven by Lewis Hamilton. The turbocharged 1.6-litre V6 will be supported by two or more 160bhp electric motors linked to each of the front wheels, as well as an energy recovery system. Power is expected to be between 1000bhp and 1500bhp.

The AMG-F1 car is expected to reach 0-62mph in less than 2.5 seconds, with a flat out speed surpassing 220mph. The car will feature cutting edge technology from AMG and F1, including torque vectoring, drag-reduction systems, hydraulics and advanced aerodynamics.

The base will be a carbonfibre monocoque with adjustable chassis set-up and a light power-to-weight ratio. The cockpit canopy will be set in gullwing style. Other details are yet to be released as the hypercar is still in the development stages.

The AMG-F1 car is expected to be unveiled in 2017 for AMG’s anniversary. It will be one of two special projects in 2017.  A limited run of 50 examples at a price of €4million is rumoured.

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