Car News 9 Jun 2017

Mercedes-AMG Project One hypercar takes shape

Further details have been released about the £2.4m Mercedes-AMG ‘Project One’ hypercar.

The new hybrid car will be powered by an F1-spec V6 turbo and a set of motors, delivering ‘1000hp and above’.  The 1.6-litre V6 engine will produce around 750bhp, with the four electric motors delivering an extra 250bhp combined.  The front two motors power the front wheels, allowing all-wheel drive and giving the car a 16 mile all-electric range, while one of the rear motors drives the turbocharger and the other connects directly to the engine.

Carbon fibre will be used extensively throughout the body and chassis to keep the weight down, and a carbon tub is expected for the cabin, similar to the McLaren P1

Project One will officially debut at the Frankfurt motor show in September.  Just 275 examples will be built, with the majority already pre-sold.


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