Car News 24 Feb 2016

Mexican-Built Supercar VUHL 05 is Coming to UK!

Mexican-Built Supercar VUHL 05 is Coming to UK!  

The VUHL, which stands for Vehicles of Ultra High Performance and Lightweight, was originally only intended for the Middle-East but the company has now confirmed that its Vuhl 05 will be available in the UK.

Even though the Vuhl has its roots in Mexico, the testing and engineering of the 05 has been conducted throughout the U.S. and Europe. Ford, Multimatic, and Michelin are official development partners in the project and several British engineering firms have already helped with the final set-up, with 40 per cent of the components in the car designed or built in the UK.

The road-legal track car aims to offer pure driving thrills so it comes without power steering and a simple six-speed manual gearbox. The Vuhl is powered by Ford’s 2-litre turbocharged Ecoboost engine that produces 285bhp and 420Nm of torque. Due to the astonishing power to weight ratio, the lightweight supercar is capable of reaching 0-62mph in 3.7 seconds and a top speed of 152mph.

The highly exclusive racer will be produced in limited numbers of just 50 cars a year with prices starting around £59,990. A special “Edition One” model, priced at £69,900, will be offered but the end price tag could be well over £77,000. This depends on the upgrade options available, such, as the ECU upgrade, carbon bucket seats, an all-carbon exterior, larger alloys and a unique finish for the interior and exterior.

The first right-hand drive Vuhl 05’s will be seen on UK roads before the end of 2015. 

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