Car News 21 Dec 2017

Morgan EV3 set for 2018 arrival

Malvern-based Morgan Motor Company have confirmed their electric 3-Wheeler will enter production by mid-2018. Typically renowned for their traditional sports car designs, the EV3 combines classic motoring with modern propulsion technologies. Morgan have teamed up with Fraser Nash Energy Systems, one of the UK’s leading experts on electric propulsion, to deliver a fully electric version of its popular 3-Wheeler model.

Power is provided by a single, liquid-cooled electric motor attached to a 21kWh lithium-ion battery pack, which has been re-designed to offer fast charging, better acceleration and a lower centre of gravity in the vehicle. Customers can expect a full range of around 120 miles and an unconfirmed 0-62mph of 7 seconds. Whilst not ground-breaking, Morgan cars aren’t about outright speed, their about theatre and character – it’s classic motoring for the modern consumer. Astonishingly, Morgan have managed to make the vehicle weigh under 500kgs, much less than the petrol version and its electric competitors.

Thanks to the lack of a petrol engine, the EV3 has benefited from some aesthetic tweaks. The front end has been altered with a high mounted spotlight above the brass conductive cooling fins, as well as lower mounted headlights that take inspiration from 1930’s aero-engine race cars. The dashboard combines old and new by merging polished aluminium, brass, wood and a digital display with a new steering wheel, that delivers a striking steampunk theme to the EV3.

Morgan will release pricing information closer to the car’s launch date.




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