Car News 11 Sep 2017

The all-new TVR Griffith has been revealed

TVR have launched their first new car since being taken over in 2013 by entrepreneur Les Edgar. The brand has claimed they will stay true to the TVR heritage, whilst embracing new and emerging technologies.

Step forward the Griffith – the long awaited creation from TVR – ready to hit the streets in 2019 with an almighty roar of 5.0-litre Cosworth V8 power. The Griffith’s design features a side-exit exhaust and a small rear wing, alongside gaping air intakes and vents, helping retain the typical TVR silhouette, whilst giving a refreshed look to match the mean exhaust note it emits (visit our Facebook page to hear it!)

The all-new TVR utilises the same 5.0-litre V8 that can be found in the current Ford Mustang 5.0 GT, however TVR sends all the engines off to Cosworth for them to work their magic on, resulting in a bespoke fly-wheel, clutch and dry sump lubrication as well as enhancing the ECU to generate more power and expand the torque range and power. Whilst no official figures have been released it is understood the engine used in the official TVR/Goodwood video is generating 480bhp. Performance figures are rather sparse also, however TVR have claimed a 200+mph maximum, coupled with a sub four-second 0-62mph.

TVR will produce 500 Griffith Launch Editions which will be available in a range of exterior colour options, alongside a full leather interior. Prices will start from £90,000, with production commencing in 2018 and deliveries expected in early 2019.




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