Car News 24 Nov 2016

The Nio EP9 Electric Supercar

The new fully electric supercar from NextEV is one of the fastest EV’s ever built.  The car is built on a lightweight chassis and features advanced technology.

The Nio EP9 Electric Supercar is built on a light carbonfibre chassis structure, enabling the car to reach impressive speeds. It has similar aerodynamics to an F1 car, featuring an active wing system that adjusts to three positions to give maximum downforce when necessary.

The powertrain produces a massive megawatt of power and is linked to four individual gearboxes, giving the supercar an equivalent of 1,342hp. The Nio EP9 sprints from 0-124mph in 7.1 seconds and has a top speed of 195mph. It holds the record for fastest EV round the Nürburgring, completing a lap in 7m05seconds.

The new supercar has a range of 265 miles from a full charge and takes 45 minutes to recharge to capacity.

NextEV are yet to announce pricing and delivery dates, however the car is expected to go on sale at the start of 2017.


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