Car News 4 Jul 2018

Nissan celebrate 50th anniversary with ultra-limited GT-R50

Nissan have teamed up with the design house Italdesign to commemorate both of their 50th anniversaries. This very special model is based on the 2018 Nissan GT-R Nismo and it features bespoke components and 710bhp, up from 592bhp from the Nismo.

The GT-R50 prototype is built and engineered by Italdesign, with the styling elements being left to Nissan. The exterior is enhanced with extra embellishments to create a more aggressive look, including a bigger bulge on the bonnet and a longer rear window line for a sleeker silhouette. A large adjustable rear wing features, as well as 21” wheels that were designed specifically for the car. The exterior is finished in a Liquid Kinetic Gray paint scheme with gold highlights. The interior is upgraded with carbon and Alcantara finishes, as well as carbon fibre accents that continue from the exterior colour scheme.

The GT-R50 gets a boost under the bonnet with power now up to 710bhp and 575lb ft. of torque. The upgrade in power is achieved by fitting competition-spec turbos, bigger intercoolers and upgrading the pistons, fuel injectors and other engine components. Nissan have confirmed this is not the next generation GT-R. No indication of cost or a release date of this current concept car has been released.


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