Car News 24 Feb 2016

Oracle Finance research reveals LaFerrari commands £1m premium over list

Ferrari’s new hybrid supercar LaFerrari is commanding premiums of £1million over its £1.2million list price as buyers desperately try to secure one, according to research by Oracle Finance. 

The exclusive 950bhp Maranello masterpiece was limited to just 499 examples and these all quickly sold out. Buyers even had to prove to the manufacturer that they owned a collection of prestigious Ferraris just to be considered to buy a LaFerrari. 

That exclusivity has seen the price of the hypercar rocket with desperate buyers willing to pay almost DOUBLE to own a piece of the Italian car maker’s history. 

“It’s a buying frenzy out there at the moment for Ferraris and nothing demonstrates that like the million pound premiums we’re seeing for the LaFerrari,” said Oracle Finance managing director Peter Brook. 

“When you look at the prices of the Enzo, the exclusive hypercar that went before it, that has doubled in recent years from the £400,000 list price to close to £1m now. But despite that rise even we were shocked at the premium buyers are prepared to pay for the LaFerrari.” 

It’s not just the Ferrari that is commanding huge premiums over list price. Oracle Finance’s research found that buyers are prepared to pay staggering sums to secure some of the most exclusive cars. 

Oracle Finance research reveals the top five cars commanding a premium over list include: 

  1. Ferrari LaFerrari – £1,000,000 premium
  2. McLaren P1 – £300,000 premium
  3. Porsche 918 Spyder – £200,000 premium
  4. Lamborghini Huracan – £30,000 premium
  5. Porsche Macan – £6,000 premium 

Peter Brook added: “We weren’t too surprised the new breed of hypercars were commanding premiums, but the Porsche has taken everyone by surprise. The speed of deliveries is slow which means buyers are prepared to pay over the odds to get into one now.