Car News 11 May 2016

Pagani’s £126k Pacchetto Tempesta pack

Pagani has introduced a new dynamic pack, available for their Huayra supercar.  The beefed up Tempesta pack can be retrofitted to existing Huayra owner’s cars, as well as new.

The Pacchetto Tempesta pack offers a new level of specification upgrades, as well performance improvements. The Tempesta pack has been developed in collaboration with Dallara, with the aim of improving the handling of the Huayra.

The pack includes new lightweight carbon components, replacing the standard Huayra parts, including a new large front splitter, rear diffuser and the undertray. These aerodynamic improvements and weight saving measures drive airflow under the chassis creating more downforce.

The Tempesta adds forged aeronautic aluminium wheels, 20 inch at the front and 21 inch at the rear all upgraded with new styling.  Specially designed Ohlins four-way adjustable shocks come as part of the tweaked suspension system.  The Tempesta pack also boasts an all new titanium exhaust system.

The Huayra’s powertrain remains the same, a 730bhp 6.0-litre twin-turbo V12 from Pagani AMG. However it is yet to be confirmed how the advanced pack improves the performance statistics.

Pagani’s ‘Pacchetto Tempesta’ pack can be added to the £800k Huayra for an extra £126k premium.

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